My name is Maggie & I’m 26 yrs old. I live in Santa Cruz, CA with my boyfriend! I was born in Chicago, raised in the suburbs (Hinsdale, IL), and went to school/graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder. I majored in Religious Studies- with a focus on Buddhism and Hinduism & studied abroad in India! I’m very passionate about India’s diverse culture & would love to share my knowledge with anyone who is interested. I’m also certified in Kundalini Yoga & Mediation as well as Reiki Level 1. I love astrology, crystals, flowers, essential oils, animals, therapy in general, etc. I also love all things artistic, creative, expressive, and inspiring. I am a writer at heart. My other blog is januaryandjuly.tumblr.com and it is dedicated to eating disorder awareness and pro-recovery; my intention is to support others going through their own healing process and to help them find their own inner-peace. Feel free to ask me anything!~ please make sure to indicate whether or not you want me to respond to you privately! Also, please make sure not to mention any numbers (with reference to weight, calories, etc.) because I am going through my own ED (Eating Disorder) recovery; I am 100% committed to recovery! Both of my blogs are safe, number free zones because numbers are known to be ED “triggers”. If you find anything on either of my blogs triggering, PLEASE let me know and I will remove it- this is really important to me! Thank you and I love you all! Please follow me on my other blog!!: januaryandjuly.tumblr.com !~
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    The French word for banana is “une banane.” What’s given here actually means pineapple.